Send Money to ANY mobile number ANY time from ANY ATM in South Africa ðŸ'

Zaka allows customers to send and receive money to and from friends and family using any participating bank ATM any time of day in South Africa.

Coming soon.

We aren't here yet, but we would love to send you an email when we get to Beta testing.

Available 24/7

Use the current bank ATM network infrastructure that is available around the country

101 Options

Do not be restricted to using a specific bank, but all of the bank's we have partnered with to make your deposits and withdrawals


Avoid having to deal with bad customer service that is sometimes experienced at some service providers

Avoid long queues

Instead of waiting 30 minutes or more and finally being told the system is down, use the network of ATM's that is always available with more than one ATM's on average.

How it works ?

  1. Deposit cash at any cash accepting bank ATM into a Zaka Mobile Solutions business bank account.
  2. Use your own or the recipient's mobile number as reference, please double check to make sure it's the correct mobile number
  3. The recipient will then receive an SMS notifying them of the deposit, and then they will be required to log onto the Web App.
  4. On the Web App they can then click on Withdraw, choose the bank ATM they wish to get their money from.
  5. They will then receive an SMS from the respective bank notifying them of the details to use when withdrawing (eWallet, Cashend, InstantMoney, Sendimali and a direct deposit for Capitec).



Please make sure to deposit at an ATM to avoid high bank charges

Make use of EFT if you have a mobile banking app or internet banking

Make sure to triple check the mobile number before proceeding

Always keep your bank deposit slip for proof of deposit

If you are not sure of the recipient's mobile number, use yours and then send them money from your profile